This page is to honor our American military Veterans who have gone on before us. While history may overlook many of the brave deeds of our gallant service men and service women, their memory will ever live in the hearts and minds of freedom loving people of the great nation of the United States of America.  

Read each name with pride and thanks, for they answered the call to duty and now the Honor and Glory is theirs.  They gave their all for us and they are not forgotten!


Joe Sabar

- Navy

Louis Morjas

- Army

Raymond Toft

VFW 4551 Member - Army

Wilbert Kirschke

- Navy

James Cole

VFW 4551 Member - Navy

John Makar

VFW 4551 Member - Army

William George Oerly

VFW 4551 Member - Air Force

Edward J. Shupryt

VFW 4551 Member -

Tom Denman

Post Commander - Navy

Charles Miller

VFW 4551 Member - Army

Donald W. Gray

VFW 4551 Member - Air Force

Thomas R. Cunningham

VFW 4551 Member - Army

Charles M. Tanner

Past Post Commander - Air Force

Steve Gorlinski

VFW 4551 Member -

Stanley C. Jendras

Past Post Commander -

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